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Moov – Moment EP

Release Date: Out now!
Buy: https://pro.beatport.com/release/moments/1687607
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2TBILsQI5S3tn6u88BTa3e
Artist: Moov
Album:  Moment EP
Catalog: MMN003
Song Composer(s): Moov
Label: Medrado Music

MOOV – Cats On Moog (Original Mix)
MOOV – Bird Soul (Original Mix)
MOOV – Moments (Original Mix)
MOOV – Mantra (Original Mix)
MOOV – Blessed Mondays (Original Mix)



The producer Murilo de Oliveira, let your life be driven by the beat of Techno and House is one of those rare cases of full dedication and integral to this art. This relationship of love and dedication was rewarded in the inspiration of MOOV.

The project explores new sounds and deep melodies. It took days, nights and early mornings in the studio that he met his current line. Music and artist complement in its new phase.

Moov debut on Medrado Music with an EP full of great influences and marked by a series of well-constructed melodies. The Brazilian producer shows all his background as a DJ, are over 10 years of experience with the dance floor.

Feedbacks: Victor Ruiz, Blancah, Anderson Noise, Kleber, Luis Nieve, Seb Milderberg, Lucas Magalhães, Do Santos, Nato Medrado, Volka Erman, Meanda, DeepInRadio.com, Pedro Mercado and many more.


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Moments EP feedbacks

Nato Medrado – Prelude EP

Release Date: Out now!
Buy: https://pro.beatport.com/release/prelude/1649178
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3PQKtjFrdG7nd0WGfmCtjz
Artist: Nato Medrado
Album:  Prelude EP
Catalog: MMN002
Song Composer(s): Nato Medrado
Label: Medrado Music

Nato Medrado – Prelude (Original Mix)
Nato Medrado – Crimetime (Original Mix)
Nato Medrado – Drama (Original Mix)
Nato Medrado – Intervals of Bliss (Original Mix)


Life is made of arrivals and departures. What makes a return being waited for are the memories left before the leaving. In this case, it’s a special return.
After more than 8 months away from home, Nato Medrado is back to Medrado music with an EP containing 4 original tracks that reflect a phase of great inspiration and a pursuit for innovation.


Feedbacks: Muui, Meanda, Anderson Noise, Pedro Mercado, Morttagua, Luc Oro, Luis Niveva, Volka Erman, Manfred Lackmaier m and many more.

Prelude feedbacks

The Best Of

Release Date: Out now!
Buy: https://pro.beatport.com/release/the-best-of/1637778
Spotify: [SOON]
Artist: Nato Medrado, Samuel Boogie, Tiago Vieira, Gil Montiel, Cassey Jaxx, Daniel Cantisani, Wej, Ondarocks, Noize Tech, Melody Stranger, Feri, Nato Medrado, Colourful Noise, Marxx, Drunktech
Album:  The Best Of
Catalog: MMN001
Song Composer(s): Various
Label: Medrado Music

01 – Daniel Cantisani, Gil Montiel – Only Human feat. Cassey Jaxx (Original Mix)
02 – WEJ – Sea Side (Original Mix)
03 – Ondarocks – Space (Original Mix)
04 – Noize Tech – Tell Me (Nato Medrado Remix)
05 – Melody Stranger – Back Again (Tiago Vieira & Samuel Boogie Remix)
06 – Feri – 4th Avenue (Original Mix)
07 – Nato Medrado – Dark Territory (Original Mix)
08 – WEJ – Why Don’t You
09 – Colourful Noise – Sixth Sense (original mix)
10 – Marxx & Drunktech – In The Street (Original Mix)


A story is marked by unforgettable happenings. As time goes by, living again those memories motivates us to go on following our ideals and seeking an each time greater artistic maturing.

“The Best Of” is a compilation with tracks that have marked Medrado Music’s journey until now. These are artists that share our work philosophy, and, because of that, relaunching them is something that strenghtens us.


Feedbacks: Dan Sampayo, Anderson Noise, Alec Araujo, vivi seixas, Manfred, Seb Mildenberg, Andrew Best, Luis Nieva, Deepinradio.com, DJ 19, Meanda, Meanda